Basic Status

Regional Characters

Jinju Photo

Innovation City, Namgaram New Town of Jinju, Gyeongsangnam-do

  • Relocation of 12 public organizations including the LH Co. and Small and medium Business Co. and building a new town with the population of 40,000
  • Foundation of the powerful innovation and south-centered city development

Central economic and social city in the Western Gyeongsangnam-do

  • Meca of bio-industry, one of five silk producers of the world having a 100 year history
  • The greatest fresh agricultural products exporting city in the country
  • Promoting the establishment of a national industrial complex of aviation and root industry specialized complex

Important Traffic Center of Yeongnam and Honam Area, Central and Southern Part

  • Intersection of Namhae Expressway and Jungbu Expressway that passes Tongyeong, Jinju and Daejeon
  • Connected to major cities by the national road (route 2, 3 and 33), railway (Lightrail and double track train) and flight

The City of History · Culture · Art · Education

  • Jinjuseong Castle, Namgang River, Namgang Yudeung Festival(a representative festival in Korea) and Gaecheon Art Festival
  • 7 universities and 3 special-purpose high schools


  • 712.84㎢

Household and Population

  • 127,000 households / 335,000 persons


  • 25,849 (107,718 persons)

Urban Infrastructure

  • Diffusion ratio of houses : 104.7%
  • Pavement ratio of a roads : 87.21%
  • Water supply ratio : 98%

Industrial Complex

3 general complexes (Sangpyeong , Jeongchon, Jinju(Sabong)), 4 agricultural industrial complexes (Jinsung, Ibansung, Daegok, Sabong), bio · silk specialized complexes for each