Administrative Policy

Happy Citizen Vibrant Jinju Administrative Policy - 1. Vibrant Economic City,  2. Welfare City where Everyone is Happy, 3. Beautiful Culture City , 4. Future City cultivating Human Resource

7 Emphasis Policies

1. Vitalizing the regional economy and expanding the foundation of a new growth power industry /
2. Realizing welfare and health; a city where everyone is happy  /
3. Building an elegant and beautiful city of culture and tourism /
4. Promoting a model town of low-carbon green growth /
5. Industrializing agriculture and improving the quality of life /
6. Establishing the future-oriented, south-centered city system /
7. Cultivating creative human resources and realizing the transparent policy /

Emphasis Businesses of Major Policies

Attracting major and promising companies Establishing the Technology Innovation Center for Root Industries Root Industry Complex Development Project Building Jinju Inno City Building Self -standing Green Smart City of Inno City energy Sabong Industrial Complex Construction Project Jeongchon Industrial Complex Construction Project Project of establishing local contact-type Environment-friendly Knowledge Industry Center Establishing National Industrial Complex of Aviation Establishing the end user type industrial complex Establishing the Silk Industry Innovation Center Customized welfare service ‘Better World’ Installing and managing the Toy Bank Holding the 2012  International Jinju Agricultural Exhibition Urban development project of New Jinju Railway Station sphere Operating Jinju Academy