The Vision of Jinju in the 21C

Image of the future Jinju
Jinju will thrive into an industry and culture city in the 21st century where tradition and modern life harmonize and lay the foundation of the Southern Hub City by attracting major companies and establishing national industrial complexes of aviation which can revive the regional economy and create jobs

Vitalization of Attracting Enterprises in the Regional Economy

The way of Jinju where development has been stopped for a long time, is becoming the perfect city for businesses because the city is full of energy which can revive the regional economy and create jobs.

  • Concentrating on the attraction of major and promising companies
  • Establishing an economy center (reorganizing the administration system) and recruiting economic experts
  • Managing the field office in the capital area for company attraction
  • Managing the advisory panel for company attraction which is formed with local influential figures
  • Improving the regulation for company attraction and providing customized incentives

Building the Namgaram Inno City

Namgaram is becoming the Inno Hub City which will lead the industrial and advanced living. 11 public organizations that will move in will lead a balanced development and new Jinju of the Southern Coast in the 21st century.

  • Successful package attraction of LH Co. in Jinju
  • Creating about 30,000 jobs and inducing 2,700 billion won worth of production
  • Expecting an increase of 27 billion won worth of local taxes and an expansion of local finance

Expanding the Foundation of New Growth Power Industry

Jinju City will develop to an attractive city which will provide a high income level and advanced life quality by expanding the new growth power industry, which was weak compared with the surrounding environment, welfare, agriculture and so forth.

  • Establishing the National Industrial Complex of Aviation Industry
  • Establishing the Technology Innovation Center for Root Industries and specialized industrial complex
  • Establishing the High-Tech Industrial Complex of Ceramics
  • Establishing Sabong Industrial Complex and Jeongchon Industrial Complex
  • Promoting local industries (bio, silk)
  • Attracting companies related to the Inno City organizations

Developing as a 21st century-type high-tech industrial city that harmonizes tradition and modern life. Building a “Happy Citizen, Vibrant Jinju” where everyone wants to live