Profile of Mayor


  • 1979 Passed the 4th Legislative Higher Civil Service Examination
  • 1979~1986 Legislative investigator for Ministry of Culture & Education, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Ministry of Commerce & Industry for Secretariat of Congressional Research Service for National Assembly (Secretary)
  • 1987~1992 Legislative investigator for Commerce Committee for National Assembly (Secretary)
  • Special EXPO Legislative investigation for National Assembly
  • 1992~1994 Studied at University of Wisconsin in the United State
  • 1994~1995 Administration officer for Office of Planning and Coordination at the Secretariat of the National Assembly (Deputy Officer)
  • 1995~1999 Dispatched to National Security Council (Vice-grade-II official)
  • 1999~2000 Expert Committee for Economic Structural Reform and Unemployment measure Special Committee for National Assembly (grade-II official)
  • 2000~2001 Special Committee for Environment and Labor Committee for National Assembly (grade-II official)
  • 2001~2004 Senior Expert Committee for Government Administration Committee for National Assembly (Deputy Minister Level)
  • Senior Expert Committee for Political Reform Special Committee for National Assembly (Adjunct)
  • Assistant Administrator of Constituencies Delimitation Commission for National Assembly (Adjunct)
  • Head of practical support for nationwide Council of Political Reform for National Assembly (Adjunct)
  • 2004~2006 Senior Expert Committee for Construction and Transportation and Agriculture, Forestry, Maritime Affairs, and Fisheries for National Assembly (Deputy Minister Level)
  • 2006.08.20 Vice-governor of Gyeongsang nam-do
  • 2008.07.10~2010.02.26 Chairman of Gyeongnam Development Institute
  • The 7th Mayor of Jinju (Inaugurated on Jan 7, 2010)


  • Order of Service Merit (Yellow Stripes), Merit from Chairman