mayor Lee Chang-Hee

Welcome to Jinju City. I'm going to strive to build up a happy city Jinju. Greetings! I'm Lee Chang-Hee mayor of Jinju. Thank you and welcome to the homepage of Jinju.

Jinju has a river with history of a thousand years and is also the center of history of the Southern Region. This is also known as one of three naval battles where 70,000 of citizens, officials and soldiers were killed during Japanese invasion of Korea and the area of loyalty where Non-gae jumped into the Namgang River with a Japanese general.

In addition, Jinju is the city of culture and art, where elegant culture has been cultivated since the early time with meaningful art, and the city of tourism and education, which was called as Gukjiinjaejibugo (國之人才之府庫), a storage where talented people in the country are from, as a hometown of noble old gentlemen.

Today, Jinju is leaping to be the central city of Southern Region based on activation of local economy and tourism hub of the South coast and is heading to be a vibrant city where 340,000 citizens are all happy, with a new determination and vision toward prosperous future.

Please visit us to feel the taste and aroma of a thousand-year history and we ask for your continuing interest and love to the hopeful and vibrant city of Jinju.

Thank you.